Welcome to Love Glove Club!

Welcome to Love Glove Club!

Love Glove Club is a FREE condom club offered to CWU students through the Wellness Center.

The goal of this club is to increase the number of students who practice safer sex (out of those students who have chosen to be sexually active). The Wellness Center monitors and tracks how many condoms are distributed to students who are choosing to protect themselves through the use of this club! Each member of Love Glove Club is allowed up to 20 condoms each quarter (that's double if your partner is a CWU student too!), and we have extra items such as lubrication, dental dams, and female condoms that are available upon request.

Your identity is confidential, and the Wellness Center will never share your membership information with anyone else.

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If you forgot your PIN, please contact the Registrar's Office in Mitchell Hall phone 963.3001